In the studio

While trekking through the stunning landscapes of the UK , D’Arcy sketches in paints to capture the beauty of landscapes from the Peak District , and Lake District to North Devon and the Jurassic coast in Dorset. He loves wide-open vistas and loves how the light interacts and highlights with the land, the unpredictable cloud...Continue reading

Forty Hall Craft Fayre

Forty Hall, Spring fair!!! 20th & 21st May 11am – 5pm Forty Hall, Spring fair!!! 20th & 21st May 11am – 5pm Thank you to all those who purchased my art and gave me a compliment, It really means a lot to me to find them a loving home. Thank you to all the staff...

Aerial views of the ocean

D’Arcy’s texture is very unique, made with recycled waste materials such as plastic and stylo foam that is not like any other. It brings uniqueness to his paintings, and when viewed, many will ask ‘How do you do that’? Using this texture technique allows for many layers of colour within colour. They have to be...Continue reading


Three-dimensional paintings are asignature style for D’Arcy. His paintingsare made with many layers of stylo foam;PVA glue. joint compound and recycledplastic bottles creating a sculpture oncanvas of beach shoes inspired by theaerial views of the ocean and landscapesfrom the Devon coast to the caribbean .These paintings actually protrudes fromthe canvas / MDF. They are dramatic...Continue reading

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