Office & Corporate

There are many ways in which a well thought-out office amd  corporate art collection can help to create a dynamic working environment and enhance a company’s image.

Good design and appropriate art in the workplace motivates employees and leads to greater job satisfaction.

Art is a valuable tool in building product and brand awareness – my art can clarify and help to reinforce corporate identity.

Art collections can be used to promote the activities of an organisation to a wider audience. Community-based arts projects can be organised to strengthen local links.

On-going investment in an office & corporate art collection can be financed through PR and marketing budgets and justified through returns made in these areas.



The beneficial effects of art in a healing environment are now so well established that art strategies have become an integral part of refurbishment schemes and new building plans in a healthcare environment. I believe my art is appropriate for any setting and to meet design objectives within a healing environment.
I know how to maximise the potential of an art budget, no matter how limited.

Hotel & Leisure

Art has an increasingly significant role to play in the Hotel & Leisure sector, defining and promoting the identity of an establishment or brand within the hospitality industry. Used creatively, art can become a distinguishing feature, marking out a hotel, restaurant or other leisure establishment from its competitors, and strengthening the brand within the market.

Since art is an integral part both of interior and landscape design,

the branding concept may be extended to include bespoke furnishings and other design elements such as gates, fencing, water features, seating and signage.

In addition, a simple programme of arts events, such as changing exhibitions, can create a powerful marketing tool and valuable opportunities to forge links with the local community.



Art for a Residential/Domestic Environment – My art can create a friendly, dynamic environment and enhance any home. Art has the power to attract and to inspire. It promotes a sense of well-being and confers identity. The right piece or collection of art can transform any living environment. I have been helping my clients to build their art collection for many years. Good design and appropriate art within an interior can create a peaceful atmosphere and say so much about the space. Be it re-framing to suit your décor, or the commissioning of a site specific sculpture we offer a full range of services to help you to achieve your objectives.

Architects, Designers & Developers

I am open to engage  architects, designers and developers to commission my artwork for a wide range of projects. In some cases, I consulted at the conceptual stage, in others once a building is complete. I also have a large rental art collection which is ideally suited to creating an immediate impact in vacant spaces.

Generally, my brief is to create artwork which will tie in with and carry through a design concept while also fulfilling the requirements of the end-user.

I aim to provide value for money and have a good track record of delivering on time and on budget.