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Paintings that draw you in and captivate the imagination, these are aerial landscapes. Each painting prompts the most personal of viewing experiences, engaging the memory, stirring emotions, creating a connection.

Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of mesmerizing aerial landscapes that will have your imagination doing cartwheels! These paintings are like a direct line to your soul, triggering memories, stirring up feelings, and forging a deep connection.

People are left scratching their heads in wonder, asking, "How on earth did you pull that off?" It's all about this mind-boggling texture technique that lets colours play dress-up in layers upon layers.

D'Arcy's art is a feast for the eyes, boasting bold colours and eye-catching textures that scream, "Look at me!" His secret sauce? Consistently sprinkling texture magic on the canvas using a mix of materials.

Imagine this: styrofoam, glue, sand, and even recycled plastic goodies like bottles and bags, all mingling together to form a masterpiece. And get this, he even throws in some fake fur coats from the beach for good measure, turning his paintings into 3D wonders.

The texture isn't just for show - it's like the heartbeat of the painting, adding depth and breathing life into the scene. It's art that doesn't just sit pretty; it dances and pulses right before your eyes!