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Paintings that draw you in and captivate the imagination, these are aerial landscapes. Each painting prompts the most personal of viewing experiences, engaging the memory, stirring emotions, creating a connection.

D’Arcy studied at Middlesex University / Herefordshire Refinal College Visual Communications. Then, he went work for various design studios in the music industry giving him the experience and skill sets to own his own design studio in Soho, London. Working with clients such as Harrods, Nike, BBC and Virgin.

During his time building his design company, D’Arcy went on to explore his passion for Art. He started painting again.

After 20 years in business developing websites. Print and marketing materials, he felt driven to reconnect with art and began painting with oils.

During his 6 years of painting landscapes on canvas, he developed an exclusive style that truly speaks to his soul, then he knew this was his true calling and was urged to continue. At first, his paintings were traditional and realistic before he had a clear vision of this unique style that he uses today. It is helpful to view this extreme textural three-dimensional art in person to see the depth and detail of his artwork.